Glamorous atmosphere in the summer local of Riccione, the beautiful Villa delle Rose, located in the hills of Misano Monte.

Climb the hills of Misano Adriatico to enjoy a wonderful evening in one of the most fashionable and elegant clubs of the Adriatic Coast, Villa delle Rose.

Open only in summer, the Villa boasts an unmistakable style: the central dance floor is covered with a chic glass pyramid and is surrounded by elegant white sofas arranged in a ring. Around the central core, two bar areas and an open area that leads to the window delimiting the local from where you can admire the breathtaking view of the hills of Misano and Riccione.

Villa delle Rose also has a five star restaurant on the top floor with a terrace on the central dance floor, perfect to start the evening with a great dinner.

Given the elegance of the room, even the dress code must be appropriate, especially on sunday, the event "in" among those in the program during the summer season which starts in May to end in early September.
Villa delle Rose in Riccione offers house music of quality mixed by resident DJ Stefano Gambarelli, Tommy Vee and Mauro Ferrucci, and regularly hosts special guest of international renown. The sensual voice you hear in the evenings of the Villa is to Tanja Monies, historical vocalist of the room.

The disco is open throughout the weekend, and on Tuesday evening is staged in collaboration with the Cocoricò, Villa Titilla, indicated to fans of deep house and aimed at a younger audience than the classic.