Taormina is a city easily explored on foot in one day, although it is highly likely that after a day taking in all its beauty, enjoying the glorious weather that surrounds this place, maybe you decide to spend a few more days in Taormina.

The route starts from Piazza Sant 'Antonio (Porta Catania), where the Corso Umberto I, the street that runs through the city. From there you will reach on foot, the Badia Vecchia, palace-fortress dating back to the fourteenth century, houses the Archaeological Museum of Taormina. To continue to the Duomo, where in addition to the church you can admire the impressive fountain, built in 1600. Returning to Corso Umberto I and will continue to the Piazza 9 Aprile, extremely charming spot open to the sea and on which overlook the Clock Tower, the Church of St. Joseph, which is accessed by a staircase, and the Church of Sant 'Agostino, with the adjoining convent.
After being suitably refreshed, you go through the rest of Corso Umberto I to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (Porta Messina). Adjacent to the square there is the Odeon, a small theater built by order of the Emperor Octavian. Also from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Via the Greek Theatre: through it and you will find yourself in front of the Greek Theatre, a symbol of Taormina. The show that you are in front of the eyes will remain engraved in your memory. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of this ancient theater stuck in the mountains will enchant in the contemplation of the incredible panorama: the sapphire sea, Mount Etna, the city. Then retrace your steps back along Via Greek Theatre until you see the stairs on your left tree-lined Via Timoleon. Go down and then take Via Jallia Bassia, the Gymnasium Via and Via Bagnoli Croce. At some point you will see the lovely Villa Comunale, surrounded by a garden Trevelyan, in which stand, as well as rare plants, a series of so-called "Victorian follies" eccentric buildings from the original scrolls and equally eccentric owner.