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The modern Italian universities were founded in the twelfth century and are the oldest in the Western world. It is owing to the reorganization of the Italian education system that the new concept of University Institutions originated in the rest of Europe.

Italy is in the vanguard in every field of higher education, and in particular in the fields of design, architecture, applied sciences, and arts.

Geographically it is a peninsula that allows you to ‘jump’ into a bus or train for just a few euros to escape from the cold and foggy Milano, or from the chaotic Bologna for example, straight to some of the most beautiful beaches of the world.

Almost every big city is also perfectly connected to European and non-European countries with 87 airports. Train-wise all the bigger Italian cities are interconnected with 77 (main-) railway stations. That makes life easier for many students that do not like much travelling by car or by plane.

Renting a car though is not a bad idea and sharing the price of the car and recruiting a bunch of friends could make you enjoy the funniest road trips, stepping (why not) in one of the 44 UNESCO’s world heritage sites. The fact that there is a well-constructed system of highways can make the difference and I made it coast-to-coast myself several times.

Italy is the place in the world that has more world heritage sites than any other country on earth. According to me this a very good reason for itself to choose Italy as a place to study.

VOLENDO VIAGGI offers various LIVING ARRANGEMENTS for foreign students coming to Italy:

Mixed apartments with international students can offer both language immersion and the freedom to come and go as you please.

Homestays may offer an incredibly immersive experience but may also allow for less independence on a day-to-day basis.



Study Italian language in Italy

VOLENDO VIAGGI offers to study in the best professional LANGUAGE SCHOOLS located in various parts of Italy as indicated below.  All of these schools have a very good reputation and acknowledged by Ministry of Education.  

How should you choose?

1. Location:  central Italy? northern Italy?  Rome?  Tuscany?  Ask us advice and we shall be glad to give the best suggestion.

2. Level of the course:  Tell us about the level of your Italian or we can test it directly online in Skype to decide which level you should start from.

3. Price:  We can suggest you a course with the BEST DISCOUNT.

4. Accommodation:  You may know that Italy has pretty expensive accommodation but not worry. We have a wide selection of SHARED APARTMENT which are located closely to the schools or only 1 or 2 metro stops.  ECONOMIC ACCOMMODATION HELPS TO REDUCE SIGNIFICANTLY THE OVERALL COST OF YOUR STAY IN ITALY.

The list of our LANGUAGE COURSES:


Arca Bologna : BOLOGNA (central Italy)

Language and special interest courses (opera, cookery, cinema) in Bologna.


Torre di Babele : ROME

The language school I visited years ago in Rome, Torre di Babele offers language courses at every level, all year round. The school also runs culture courses, classes for the over-50s and teacher training. You can book accommodation in shared flats or home stays through the school. Since it is located in Rome, though, some students may want to make the most of the holiday potential by choosing their own, more central, B&B or holiday flat (see Where to stay in Rome).


Dante Alighieri :  SIENA (Tuscany), VITERBO, ISCHIA

Courses in Siena, Viterbo and Ischia.


Scuola Leonardo da Vinci :  ROME, MILAN, FLORENCE, SIENA

with schools in Rome, Milan, Florence and Siena.


Il Sasso : MONTEPULCIANO in Tuscany

An Italian language school in picturesque Montepulciano, in Tuscany.


Istituto Venezia : VENICE and TRIESTE (northern Italy)

Istituto Venezia is officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education. It is a member of: Asils, Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language, and Tandem International, International Network of Quality Language Institutes.

Offers: 12/24 weeks of Intensive course and single room in Venice and Trieste. Enrolling for a 12 weeks course you get one free week in Florence, Milan or Rome.

Prices: 1 week - euro 250,00; 12 weeks  euro 1500,00; 24 weeks - euro 3000,00. 

Specialized courses:  ART, COOKING, SKYPE LESSONS.



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