Our guide offers a day dedicated to discovering the true heart of Syracuse, the beautiful Ortigia Island, connected to the rest of the city from Umbertino Bridge, home to most of the museums, monuments and restaurants in Syracuse.

The tour starts from the picturesque Piazza Archimede, into which the main arteries of the city converge: Via Roma, Corso Matteotti and the beautiful Via Maestranza. The square is surrounded by imposing Baroque buildings: Palazzo Platamone, which has elements of Catalan architecture, Palazzo Lanza, with the impressive mullioned windows, and Palazzo Gargallo. At the center of the square you can admire the splendid Fontana Artemis depicting the metamorphosis of the nymph Arethusa into a spring. From Piazza Archimede will take Via Malfitania until you cross Via Cavour. At the crossroads turn right and will continue until you reach Piazza Duomo, located in the highest part of Ortigia, where you can admire the magnificent cathedral, built on the remains of a Doric Temple of the fifth century BC. Nearby is the Church of Saint Lucia, which is open to the public only during the festivities dedicated to the patron saint of the city (Dec. 13). Then we head towards the sea to discover one of the most fascinating places of the city: the Fountain of Arethusa, a freshwater spring shrouded in legend and symbol of Syracuse since ancient times. Stop and enjoy this place surrounded by nature, between the high papyrus plants swaying in the wind and fish splashing in the fountain.

After a delicious meal and a refreshing cup of coffee you can continue your journey along the whole characteristic Lungomare Alfeo. At some point you will be on the tip of Ortigia where stands in all its impressiveness the majestic Castle Maniace overlooking the sea surrounded by high stone fortifications. After visiting the castle, we head back to the center along the promenade of Levante up to the Palazzo Bellomo, which is home to the interesting Museum of Regional Art. At this point, after the museum visit, we suggest you take a stroll along the picturesque Via Maestranza, where you can see one behind the other splendid baroque palaces. To reach Via Maestranza from Palazzo Bellemo drive along Via Roma in all its length up to Piazza Archimede, where you cross Via Maestranza.