On the dock of Rimini, directly on a wooden platform, the legendary and fascinating Rock Island, where the protagonist is the rock 'n' roll.

Placed on a palafitte entirely made of wood and to precipice on sea, surrounded by huge windows, which offer a splendid view, Rock Island is probably the place most enchanting of the Adriatic Coast.

At Rock Island, on the end of dock of Rimini, in fact, seems to dance on the sea, being surrounded by three quarters from the Adriatic. Nevertheless, the entrance is always free, another point in favor of the local.

Restaurant in the early evening (Belvedere); the local houses a different  live show every night, with starring cover band, emerging or established groups, mostly rock.

This is in fact the genre par excellence of the local and the protagonist on Wednesday dubbed "Rock Island Revolution", while Friday and Saturday are devoted to other sounds (revival, commercial, African American).

Divided into an inner room, in the center there is a large bar area and a small pizzeria to satisfy any languorini, and an outdoor room.

The Rock Island Rimini is open from spring until the beginning of autumn.

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