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Rimini: a place for VIP people??

Rimini: a place for VIP people?? - VOLENDO VIAGGI
Yes, Rimini has CHANGED in recent years.  A brand new DUOMO hotel in the historic part of the town is a wonderful example of this long expected change...
Hotel DUOMO is a unique hotel in Rimini.

Usually our clients who choose to stay in this modern and fresh style hotel choose:


The hotel is especially convenient for those who come in low season, because of its position in never -sleeping part of Rimini, with plenty of shops, bars, restaurants.


FOR REAL FUNS OF FERRARI, we propose to prganize a unique eMotion: TO DRIVE  side by side with an official Ferrari's pilot and thena to drive it personally!

  • once at vip lounge area into the "Ferrari's galleria" you will be given special pass Ferrari
  • 1st testdrive on the road with a Ferrari side to side an official Maranello's pilot 
  • 2nd testdrive, where you will really drive a Ferrari!

€ 450,00 per person per 20/25 Minutes drive. This reservation Must be Made in advance.

Ask for special offers at gruppi@volendoviaagi.it