The nightclub Pascià is located on the famous "hill of the clubs" in Riccione.

The Pascià is one of the most well known and appreciated locals in Italy, especially in the fashion industry. Since 1985 to date, including ups and downs, the Pascià was the glamour local of nights in Riccione.

The current structure of the Pascià spread over 4 floors with the main hall on the first floor, the restaurant area on the second floor and the roof terrace. On the ground floor there are bathroom and cloakroom. Color note is that the 4 floors are connected by an elevator.

The capacity of the local is more than 2,000 visitors.

On each floor we find the historic features of the Pascià: elegant, classic and refined with a maniacal attention to detail.

On the first floor there is a real disco area divided into 2 rooms. In the main hall there is the mythical "chandelier Pascià" which overlooks the dance floor and all the tables around. There are several areas of reserved tables at the most demanding audiences. Historically, this room is dedicated to house music. Adjacent to the central hall there is a second living room with 2 large bar areas. There is also an outdoor area used as a smoking room. Usually in this room is proposed and happy and revival music.

On the second floor there is the restaurant area overlooking the central hall. After dinner, this room becomes a disco with music proposal in the name of the revival of the 70s and 80s.

On the third floor there is a spectacular terrace of the Pascià. An open-air space overlooking the city of Riccione offering a breathtaking view. It 's opened only during the summer season and is propose as a perfect location for cocktails and pre disco party. This area has a wonderful swimming pool, several areas tables and a small dance floor.

Returning to the ground floor there is a bar area that serves as a sitting area, bathrooms and wardrobes.