Established in 1994 from the ashes of the former Rock Hudson, disco IO cub is a landmark of nightlife in Rimini.
The local of Marina Centre has always had a variety of musical genres on offer, from trip hop to hip hop, from the Electronic to the soul, but also jungle, acid jazz and black music, in addition to the mainstream, rock.
IO CLUB, therefore, represented a valid alternative to traditional clubs of the Riviera, attracting leading singers and bands in live before-evening as Bandabardò, Carmen Consoli, De Gregori, Francesco Renga, Giuliano Palma, Jovanotti, Irene Grandi, Morgan, Max Gazzè and Vinicio Capossela.

After several years of hibernation, the Io Club reopened its doors in the winter of 2010-2011.

The club has been renewed with the creation of three distinct rooms, two console and bar and a smoking room, and the stage area was equipped with lighting equipment ad-hoc also brand new audio and lighting equipment. In addition, there are now in the local 25 LCD screens and two big screens projections.

It also changes the program of events during the winter season: Tuesdays space to Latin rhythms in collaboration with the GranCaribe while in the private university's famous evening of Tuesday night offers commercial music and happy; Fridays and Saturdays commercial music / rock giving ample space to live bands, singers and performances by comedians of the caliber of Fichi d' India and Cristina d'Avena!

The summer program is constantly evolving, including international djs, guests and theme parties!

From May to September open every day!