In the 80s it becomes a symbol of the local entertainment Rimini, able to attract different customers thanks to the various rooms and proposals music (techno, commercial, revival and rock).

The now ex ecu becomes a local "in" for an adults customers and refined, but still offer room house with nationally known djs (Coccoluto, Copper, Egg, etc ...). Following the release of the great personalities who had created, the ECU turns on the local techno and hard core in an attempt to create a niche market that, until then, had been snubbed from the hill of Riccione.

Since 2004, the ECU and the Melody Mecca began a fruitful collaboration.

Thousands and thousands of young people flock to Afro evenings organized by Ecu, renamed Laboratory of music, and even today this is confirmed as a local alternative nightclub that caters to a mass audience.

The structure of the disco Ecu is absolutely remarkable thanks to a fabulous garden.

The inside part has 3 different situations. Each room offers a different kind of music (African, rock and house).

The garden has a large area that is home to great djs. In addition to the indoor track in the garden there are several tables (some of them have a beautiful night view of the coast of Rimini).

Free bus service from the railway station of Rimini.