Cocoricò is the most famous disco in Europe, known in Italy and abroad for his evening trend, the taste for transgression, whoop of the hottest nights of Italy!

It is located on the hill of Riccione. It is distinguished from other aesthetically. Its hallmark is a glass pyramid: the symbol of human construction pointing upwards, towards a super-human size, immediately gives the structure an aura of mystery and fascination, here come together in perfect synergy art and music.

Cocoricò is never the same, which is why dynamic, every time is hardly a surprise, lights, colors, strategies that inspire dreams.

The interior is made up of different environments:

Pyramid. Hosts house party among the most exclusive of the Riviera. Every Saturday welcomes dj famous Italian and international. In the Pyramid take place festivities more fashion, with collaborations from all over Europe: Les Foiles de Pigalle, Diabolika, Doc Show, Cocoon and events Memorabilia.

Titilla. It 's the privée exclusive of Cocoricò, with the most sought house music, mixed by the best DJs of international renown.

Morphine. It's the environment more attractive, particularly in its atmosphere and  its music. This is, in fact, the room of musical research and experimenting of new genres. Every evening hosted big names and artists of all levels.

Ciao Sex. It's the space dedicated to the ephemeral and the gay humor.

Strix. A space super ecclusive based in the ladies' room. It 's a receptacle of surprises, with unexpected and continuons twists.

At Cocoricò nothing happens by chance and nothing is ever as you expect ...