Beach Cafe is the place on the beach of Riccione, where day and night spent in one of the most fascinating locations on the Adriatic coast. The environment, in fact, is very nice and provides atmosphere that change literally from day to night: by day is a bathing establishment among the most exclusive of Riviera and by night is a popular nightlife of Riccione!

The design is innovative and welcoming. The local consists of two parts: the external, contained under the patio is great for lunch and dinner while the heart of the local, in the evening, it becomes a dance floor where outbreak to the rhythm of the best DJs of the moment.

But it is especially in the evening the Beach Café expresses all its splendor, becoming a place among the most popular of Riccione, where to dine by candlelight and then unleashed on the music of the best international DJs.
The Beach Cafe is very popular throughout the summer from the first evening of spring to late autumn: locals and tourists love it for its exclusivity, attention to detail, chic atmosphere.
The restaurant often hosts celebrities from the world of entertainment, television and sport, for the most exclusive evening of Riviera.

Also great for organize parties of all kinds: birthdays, hen party and stag party, special events and parties.

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